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What's missing? And Banner III questions

Crest of the Stars got turned into 13 episodes. The Tokyopop translations have material not in the anime (as well as missing the baseball/chase scene in the anime) I think I saw a claim that the translations are themselves abridged. Banner I gets another 13 eps, II somehow shrank into 10, and III got a Procrustean bed of 2 episodes.

Does anyone know what's missing? Or what happens, roughly, in IV?

And does missing information make Banner III make more sense? Spoilers ahoy if you haven't seen it.

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Sociology flaws

I've recently watched and read the anime and Tokyopop translated novels, and found it awesome. (Though the Tokyopops seem flawed; inconsistency in the rank of Lef, timing of FTL vs. the Nova Sicilia treaty, etc.) Unfortunately, I seem to have found the dark side of being a fanboy, thinking so much that I find flaws in the sociology.

* raise their children themselves, as family-supported single-parents, until high school; this helps maintain pure family traditions, undiluted by spouses.
* Despite a fair bit of personality variation, seem to have a highly uniform culture, with shared ideas of honor, not backing down, and revenge; and all are described to be atheists.
* Descend in large part from 29 individuals, but also frequently elevate humans to the rank of Abh, their new children to be incorporated into the race.

These three things don't seem to fit together well. Frequent immigration and no institution for early acculturation don't add up to uniformity. Samson's an Abh, right? So if he has blue-haired kids, they'd be being raised with his cat-eating habits. Jinto, who admittedly has a nearly unique background, could easily try raising his kids to be Presbyterian Fundamentalists (apathetic) like himself. Lander-Abh might well have desires to 'marry', even if it's not legally recognized, and that might get picked up.

There's some countervailing forces: Jinto being jumped from Lander to Count is probably nearly unique; most humans would be promoted for service in the Star Forces, and adherence to Abh military culture. High schools and general osmosis would have some effect, as would the biology (not getting drunk, long lifespan). Nobility have to serve in the Star Forces, giving more time for them to be beaten into shape. Still, seems like there should be a fair bit of diversity (culinary, religious, familial) among the Abh, especially among the masses of 'knights'. Fanfic about Jewish Abh?

I guess one other element is double-edged. Abh reproduction means that there's not even the pressure of sexual selection, of needing to be acceptable to a mate; you can spawn kids on your own. OTOH, such reproduction interacts oddly with traditional religions. And finding another Abh -- especially an unrelated one -- who's also into marriage and your religion might be hard, with minorities self-quencing due to being minorities. Though there's Abh-citizen or Abh-subject relationships to consider.

In the end, both norm enforcement and law enforcement seem underspecified. The Baron Febdash arc (or book, at least) made brief reference to noble legal council, and we know there are laws, but not much about how the government or economy work.

Fanfiction Offering

Wow, this place has been quiet. Anyway, I didn't see anything in the rules against this, so I'm going to post. I wrote a Crest of the Stars fanfiction (well, Banner of the Stars) for Yuletide Treasure, an annual rare-fandom ficathon that runs in November and December, with the big reveal of who wrote what happening on New Years Day. My story has the distinction of being the only Crest or Banner fic in their archives. I also posted it to my InsaneJournal:

Title: Souvenir
Fandom: Crest/Banner of the Stars
Rating: G
Genre: Comedy
Words: 3,200
Notes/Warnings: Spoilers for the end of Banner of the Stars I. Written for Yuletide Treasure 2008 for jheen, and betaed by Luna.
Summary: Jinto has a surprise for Lafiel. Like many of Jinto's best-laid plans, it doesn't work out quite like he planned.
Disclaimer: Crest of the Stars copyright Hiroyuki Morioka and this derivative work was created without permission.

"Lafiel slumped back in her chair, at the end of what had to be the most boring shift of her career to-date.

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I'm crossposting this several places, so my pardon if you see it more than once.

smallfandomfest is collecting prompts for their semi-annual ficathon (plus art and icons). Crest of the Stars counts as a small fandom, so I'd thought there might be interest.

It'll be a good way to get more fic for the fandom, and you don't have to pick up a prompt if you just want to leave some. (I'm leaving some, and will try to pick up prompts if anyone else does.)
Abh Imperial Crest

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Well the first Seikai no Monshou/Crest of the Stars novel 'Princess of the Empire' is out and yesterday I got my hands on my copy. Just some thoughts and observations now that I've finished it.

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All in all an enjoyable read and I eagerly await the second novel. Despite the differences it also makes one appreciate how faithful an adaption the anime was from the novel.
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Battle of Gothelauth - Tactical Analysis

I have decided to translate the text into English after all. Hope someone will find it interesting. The original Russian version is here, with the aid of an automatic translator one can try to read the comments there which are quite interesting too IMHO. Sorry if the translation has mistakes, alas, it was done in a hurry.

Battle of patrolship Gothelauth with the destroyers of the Alliance of Four is definitely one of the key battles of the first period of the Galactic War, which consequences were far greater than the scope of the battle itself.

It just so happened that the Gothelauth, which was not yet completely "tamed" by the crew, was the first ship to discover the diversionary task force of the Alliance of Four which was heading towards Sord Sfagnoff in the Place Space.

To ensure the surprise factor in the attack on Sfagnoff, commander of the task force has sent a group of ten destroyers against Gothelauth - approximately three to five percent of his total number of destroyers. While not large enough, this group was going to be enough to prevent Gothelauth from warning the Imperial forces in Sfagnoff. Even if the ships were to be destroyed, their additional mass would encumber the Gothelauth space-time cluster, thus fulfilling their mission.

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All right I've got something to kick of a bit of discussion.

The (genetic) Abh. Homo Sapiens Astro or Homo Astro? Or in laymen's terms are the Abh a sub-species of normal Humans/Terrans or a completely new species in the human family tree?

I'm inclined to say new species but what about everyone else?
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